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Staging Tips that Sell Homes

Home staging tip

Crisp white sheets help add a fresh, clean look to bedrooms.

Getting ready for an open house? Here are my simple staging tips that will help sell your home without delay:

1. Simplify Décor: It is important to add some simple, modern decorative touches to your home to provide a welcoming space that is devoid of personality, but filled with character. A clean palette allows people to picture themselves living in the home with little effort.

You can:

  • Add areas rugs to ground rooms and warm up hardwood floors

  • Add lamps on side tables for coziness during night viewings

  • Add a new shower curtain with matching new towels in bathrooms

  • Use a crisp white sheet over tired old duvets in the bedroom

  • Neutralize each room with fresh paint and crisp white baseboards and trim

2. Affordable Upgrades: Affordable upgrades that will make maximum impact with minimum effort can include using neutral paint colors, new counter tops or a lick of white paint on old cabinets. I also recommend steam cleaning carpets and hiring a professional cleaning service to scrub your kitchen and bathrooms. Steam cleaned grout can make old tiles appear brand new. Other quick fixes might involve adding modern light fixtures and faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Buyers will take note of these little details and see them as one less thing they need to change.

3. Curb Appeal: Create a welcoming appearance that shows pride of ownership. Your lawn and garden must be free of weeds and debris and flower beds can be brightened up with some pretty annuals. Place a colorful, sophisticated planter filled with seasonal flowers and greenery at your front door and consider updating your street numbers and mailbox. Peeling paint around windows and the door should be sanded and painted whenever possible.

4. Freshen: Artificial smells simply mask odors so your best bet is to completely neutralize your home with a thorough cleaning including upholstery and all rugs. You can then introduce scents into your home naturally by simmering spices such as cloves and cinnamon or fresh slices of lemon or orange. These options work better than burning scented candles which might raise red flags that you are trying to hide something. Mind you the old trick of baking chocolate chip cookies before a viewing or open house can't hurt! There are far worse things than being remembered as the house with the fresh baked cookies!

​A well staged home is the secret to quick sales and reasonable offers that reflect the true value of your home. Email me for more information about how to sell your home.

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