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The Benefits and Considerations of Waterfront Property

Many of my clients consider waterfront property to be the ultimate choice for their home. There are many benefits to waterfront property, but proximity to the water can be pricey. The good news is there are a number of options when it comes to living near the water. You can find homes on channels, rivers and lakes each offering their own charm and benefits. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a waterfront home:

Lake View

This property is not directly on the water but offers lovely views from key windows and areas of your property. Although this still comes with a higher price tag than a home without a lake view, it is more affordable than a home right on the water. You have the relaxing benefits of the view as well as living close by the water if you wish to participate in water activities. Lake view properties have the conveniences of lakefront living, without the price tag and upkeep.


This property includes shoreline in your property. These homes can be scarce which means they do come with a higher price tag. This also means that they will appreciate in value making them a good investment. They also offer an excellent option if this will be a second home. You can choose to rent it out at the times of year you are not there.

The main thing to keep in mind is that although these properties will increase in value, they can require more upkeep than your average home. Additional maintenance fees can include docks and boathouses/shelters that will require additional repairs and weatherproofing. There are also potential issues with natural erosion of the shoreline. However, if your family owns a boat and wants to be right on the water, nothing beats a lakefront property.

Some of the things that will add to your lakefront property price include:

  • Your view

  • How much waterfront footage you have

  • Whether you have access to the water

  • Storage, docks/slips for boats

  • Location such as on a main channel, or in a cove that might be affected by drought

  • Acreage with the home

  • Guest accommodations or additional out buildings

  • Condition of the septic system, or access to city sewer

Lake Access

This type of property interestingly might not always have a view of the lake but includes easy access to the water by path or a dock. If you love boating, have a boat docked in the area or want to participate in water activities, this can be an excellent and very affordable option.


As with buying any property you have to consider the location and surrounding neighborhood of your waterfront home. If the water is the most important thing to you, then a lack of local amenities might not be as important. However, many waterfront properties have additional amenities nearby. As well, the lifestyle associated with waterfront living can vary quite a bit. If you are very social, love power boats and will be participating in daily water activities, living on a main channel will be ideal. However, if you want a more peaceful existence, than seeking out homes located on quiet lakes or in private coves will be better suited to your needs.

Whether you are looking for lakefront, lake view or lake access properties, I can help. Click here to get in contact.

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