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Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips for First-Time Austin Homeowners

Buying your first home is the perfect reason to host Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes hosting in your new home can become a little overwhelming so here are some tips to make things stress free:

  • Create a Festive Welcome: This is your chance to show off your front porch with festive pumpkins and gourds, corn stalks and wheat sheaves. You can also create a stunning urn complete with tall stalks of corn, lovely deep colored asters and sunflowers. If space is limited choose a festive Thanksgiving wreath for your door.

  • Table Décor: Showing off your new home is second only to showing your gratitude to family and friends. To keep things simple yet beautiful, choose your favorite fall colors to create a stunning table. Consider using natural touches such as small, pumpkins placed down the center of your table, wheat sheaves on the side board and lovely fall colored flowers in oranges, deep reds and golds. You can also go for a less traditional look using white pumpkins that have become popular in the last few years paired with classic deep chocolate brown or warm rust finishing touches. Fruit is also an excellent way to add punches of color such as red pears, crisp apples and sunny oranges.

  • Opt for Potluck: Moving is the best excuse to avoid too much fussing in the kitchen. If time is limited, speak to family and friends about doing a pot luck dinner. This allows you to focus on entertaining. Offer to roast the turkey and have everyone bring their favorite sides and desserts so no one is stuck with all the cooking duties to worry about. Everyone can just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Dish and Cutlery Check: Make sure you know where all your dishes, glassware and cutlery is and double check you have enough for everyone. If not you can make a quick run to the dollar store and see what festive options you can find. The good news is with the potluck plan you don't have to worry about serving dishes!

  • Create a Festive Cocktail: Consider serving a unique cocktail perfect for Thanksgiving. You can create a new twist on an old favorite such as a hot toddy made with apple cider, delicious mulled wine with wintry spices, gingery cocktails using ginger syrup or ginger beer, or something fun like a pumpkin pie martini. You should also prepare a non-alcoholic punch or cocktail for kids and designated drivers.

  • Invest in an Ice Chest/Cooler: You will need plenty of space in your fridge for all that extra food. Investing in an ice chest/cooler will provide easy access to cold drinks including wine, beer and non-alcoholic choices without taking up too much space in your holiday laden fridge. And don’t forget the ice!

  • Test that Oven: This might seem silly but first-time homeowners often don’t get around to using the oven for many weeks as they settle into their new home. Check and double check that your oven works to make sure anything that needs to be roasted or baked is not under or over cooked due to a finicky oven!

These ideas will keep you focused on being with friends and family and all the reasons you have to give thanks! If you are shopping for your Austin home email me for more information.

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