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New Homeowner Family Easter Tips

If this is your first year in your new home, Easter is the perfect time to have fun with the kids. From magical Easter egg hunts to painting eggs around the kitchen table, here are some fun ways to enjoy a “Hoppy” Easter!

The Hunt is On!

No doubt the Easter Egg Hunt is the main focus for kids at Easter time. Here are some tips to make sure you have everything ready for some real Easter fun:

  • Age Appropriate: When hiding the Easter eggs make sure you consider the age of the kids involved. Older kids will have fun hunting for eggs in unexpected places, but the little ones will want to see the eggs more easily. If you are entertaining a group of different ages, keep plenty of eggs in plain sight and hide others for the older kids who will expect to have to try a little harder. You can also consider using a color based hunt and the different age groups can look for different colors.

  • Safety First: Establish boundaries to keep kids within safe perimeters of the property. Kids can get excited and think they are going to hit the jackpot by looking in dangerous areas or worse go outside the yard. If you have a swimming pool, fountain or pond, these areas should be out of bounds for kids and adults hiding the eggs.

  • Baskets: Make sure you provide baskets that are easy to carry and that will hold the weight of the eggs. You can also let each guest know they can bring their own baskets if they prefer.

  • Treasure Hunt: Instead of the standard hunt, consider having a treasure hunt. Kids can work together using a map that leads them to a stash of eggs. You can have smaller stashes throughout the yard with a mega stash waiting as the last spot on the map. This teaches kids to work together and you can have little bags with each kids’ name at each hiding spot so everyone gets an equal share of chocolates and treats.

  • Inclement Weather: If the weather is not cooperating hold the Easter egg hunt indoors. There are just as many places to hide eggs and the kids will be warm and comfortable.

Bunny Crafts

Kids love arts and crafts projects. At Easter why not honor the humble Easter Bunny with these fun ideas?

  • Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies: Create happy little bunnies using toilet paper rolls, craft paper and paint. You can paint the roll white and then draw on whiskers, a nose, eyes and a mouth. For a more interesting bunny buy some googly eyes at the local dollar or craft store. You can create bunny ears using brightly colored craft paper.

  • Paper Plate Bunnies: Plain white paper plates make a great bunny face. You can use cotton balls as the chubby cheeks, a small pink pom pom for the nose and pipe cleaners for the whiskers. Draw on a bunny mouth and glue on googly eyes. For ears simply cut a paper plate in half and then affix to the back of the plate with glue. Add pink craft paper to the center of the ears to give them more depth. You can also add little details such as a bow tie with a ribbon, or craft paper.

These fun tips will ensure you have a Hoppy Easter in your new home!

If you would like help finding a home to create wonderful holiday memories click here.

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